About Wanxiang

About Wanxiang

PT. Wanxiang Nickel Indonesia domiciled in Indonesia. Smelter (processing plant) which is located in the village of Bahomotefe, Kecamatan Bungku Morowali Regency, East, Central Sulawesi Province.

The company’s core business is nickel mining and smelting Feronikel. Currently, the company has obtained permission set up environmental impact assessment as well as smelters and all the necessary permissions for the construction of the smelter, complete the concession of land to industrial zones, as well as exerting maximum effort for construction projects in progress from the smelter that has started since 2015.
The first phase is expected to reach full-scale production at the end of 2017, consists of 4 sets of units of 80 m³ blast furnace, 4 sets of units 36000kva RKEF, 2 sets of 65MW unit coal power plant, the capacity of 100,000 tons.

The second phase will build 4 set the unit’s 36,000-40,000 kva RKEF, 2 sets of steam power plant units 200MW. Annual production reaches 600,000 tonnes of annual consumption of Feronikel with 6 million tons of nickel ore. And is also planning to build a stainless steel processing projects.

At the same time, based on considerations of security assurance of raw materials and the long-term development of the company, either in the form of an acquisition or joint venture, the company already has several mines around the smelter project, which includes over 20,000 hectares. In addition, the company is still looking for new mining projects

History of Wanxiang

In the presence of a notary, PT Wanxiang Nickel Indonesia formally established on Wednesday, December 24, 2014..

Mission, Vision and Values

We are committed to being a company that values of society and the environment.

Business Strategy

Business strategy to improve the company's results with lower costs as the company grew in order to create a sustainable advantage.