Business Strategy

Business Strategy

The purpose of this business strategy is to increase the value of the company’s results with lower costs as the company grew in order to create a sustainable advantage.

The strategy that is executed is staying focused on the core business of the company. The management of the company has a vision to become a developed company until 100 years into the future, with a set of core values and mission set ensured the result will benefit the company. Through the maximization of existing production output, companies can increase revenue and decrease the level of fees.

The company strives to maintain growth through development projects, strategic alliances, acquisitions, as well as the improvement of the quality and value of a backup than just selling raw materials and move on to further enhance processing activities with the build processing factories of raw materials.

We believe can improve the financial strength of the company. Through a sustainable income, we can ensure the company to fulfill its obligations, provide funding for the growth industry of nickel and aluminium, as well as menyejahterakan employees as part of the company’s most important.

The resulting product
Feronikel is the processing of nickel through the process of pyrometallurgi which has iron content of about 80% nickel and 20%.
Feronikel contains of
Feronikel is commonly used as an ingredient of integrators in the manufacture of stainless steel, Nickel chromium metal together is a metal element integrators in stainless steel.